Time for Photography Starting With Ted Murphy

When this site was originally put together it was purely for personal posts. That was three years ago, and during that time my life has changed.

I am now earning a living on a freelance basis, developing websites and taking photographs. As such, this site will be changing over the next month to display my photographic portfolio. If you are here because of my photography, I welcome you, and will give you more to look at very soon. I start with one of my biggest advocates, Ted Murphy.

Ted’s a great guy to have to shoot, he’s fearless in front of the lens. We had a really fun afternoon in the Orlando sun, making images for Ted’s new portfolio.

Ted has just published this blog post detailing why he believes that using a professional photographer is critical to one’s image. The post backs up what was said earlier this year by veteran blogger and marketing expert Seth Godin.

In short, both are saying that if you are serious about your image, then a professional photographer should be the one taking your photo. If you want to hire me to do that for you, please get in touch.